Permanent Hair Removal - With Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the best way to remove hair, permanently! Using small needles to apply a current to the hair follicle, this destroys the blood supply just enough to kill the hair growth. No blood supply, no growth!


Electrolysis or Diathermy epilation is the permanent removal of unwanted hair using a short-wave diathermy current. This current creates heat, which is delivered to the hair at the root. The heat dries up all the moisture, living cells and blood supply at the root of the hair, thus destroying it.

Each hair grows in a structure known as a hair follicle. The root of the hair sits at the base of this follicle. To target the heat created by the treatment at the root of the hair, a minute probe or needle is inserted into the follicle. Once it is in place, the current is activated for 1 or 2 seconds.

Treatment is often recommended every 7 - 14 days; this will vary depending on the area and skin type.
Although this is classed as a permanent removal of hair, the result is achieved over a period of time. The hair cycle of growth involves three stages; one of these stages is the active stage and is the ideal stage to be destroyed. Whilst the hair is resting or breaking down the treatment is not so successful. Regular treatments will ensure the hairs are all treated over a period of time.

It is important to remember that a high percentage of hairs are in the growing stage at one time.

Skin sensitivity must also be considered; therefore hair growth is often destroyed in stages ensuring the skin does not suffer any unnecessary trauma.