Wonderful Warm Waxing

Shaving can make hair grow back quickly and thicker, with painful ingrown hairs – which makes hair removal time consuming and tiresome. Whether it’s bikini waxing, facial waxing, or full body waxing, waxing is less taxing!

Your hair, be it leg, underarm or bikini, ideally needs to be no shorter than 5mm before waxing, or the wax will have nothing to grip.

I use Tea Tree warm wax, which is much better than home-use cold strips available in shops. It is more effective, less painful and better for sensitive skin.

Waxing Advice

  • Trim hairs that are really long to avoid discomfort from the hair pulling before waxing
  • Please don’t moisturise before waxing
  • Don’t have a warm bath before or after waxing
  • Don’t sunbathe or go swimming after waxing
  • Don’t apply perfume, deodorant or heavy make-up to waxed areas for 24 hours after waxing.

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