Shellac Power Polish

Shellac – Just Set It..  .. And Forget It!

Normally with gels, a thick substance is applied to the nail to build up a new surface. The gel is hardened under UV light, then smoothed and sculpted with an electric file before adding polish. Until now, gels have been the most popular nail coat. But gels get low marks from many people because of the potential nail damage that can result from soaking nails and fingers in strong acetone, and abrasive filing to remove the gel residue.

Shellac offers a more nail-friendly solution by taking gel to the next level — no sculpting or filing, just thin coats of polish on your natural nail, with a brief time for curing under a UV lamp between every coat. The UV is used for 10 seconds after the base coat, and two minutes each between the two coats of color and the top coat.

When the top coat is done, you get a quick shine with a soft cloth and alcohol and you’re ready to go. Quick & Easy, and no possibility of smudging.

For those with bendy, weak nails an additional coat of Brisa Lite can be applied underneath the Shellac coat

Your natural nails are strengthened whilst boasting beautiful colour and shine, a great way to grow stubborn flaky nails, without weakening them with harsh chemicals!
s for extra strength.

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