Spray Tanning

Super Streak Free Spray-Tanning

Spray Tanning is the safe and easy alternative to damaging sunbeds, and prolonged sun exposure – to get a beautiful golden tan. I use Creative Professional Tanning Solution With several levels of tan to choose from, so you won’t be too light or too dark.

A fine mist of tanning solution is sprayed onto your skin, this solution contains DHA (Dihydroxy Acetone) which is found naturally in sugar cane. The DHA interacts with the amino acids in the outer layer of the skin.

The solution also contains an instant bronzer so you can see your tan immediately, whilst the DHA darkens the skin naturally over the following 24 hours. You can wash of the instant bronzer after around 6 hours although it is best to leave it overnight if you can.

The spray tan application takes between about 15  minutes, it dries almost instantly so you can get dressed straight after your tan is done. Although loose clothing is advised.

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*please exfoliate at least 24 hours prior to your spray tan and only moisturise excessively dry areas